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Pranic Healing Remote Sessions 

$60.00   Pranic Healing Remote Session

~ clean auric field and chakras 

~ strengthen health rays

~ remove stagnant used-up energies

~ energize

$35.00   Clean Auric Field / Strengthen Health Rays

~ deep cleaning of auric field

~ strengthening of health rays

Master Choa Kok Sui developed Pranic Healing® as a comprehensive System of energy medicine to improve the quality of our every day lives. It is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing based on the fundamental principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself and that the healing process is accelerated by increasing this life force (or Chi)  that is readily available from the sun, air, and ground.

Pranic Healing focuses on imbalances of energies, cleansing techniques to remove negative and used-up energies and energizing techniques to improve the flow of energy so that the body can recover and maintain physical and emotional well-being and healing.

More and more today you hear that the heart of most health problems and the start of ‘dis-ease’ is at the emotional level.* Thoughts and emotions are also energy and therefore can be cleansed and transformed through Pranic Healing. Each negative thought and emotion creates packets of energy called thought-forms or thought-entities that contaminate our aura. These packets can be disintegrated using advanced energetic techniques on the affected chakras.

Pranic Healing has shown effective in dealing with psychological ailments such as childhood traumas, phobias, stress, anxiety, grief, irritability, hysteria, violence, and depression.  

The frequency of treatment depends on the severity of the ailment. In general, it is recommended to apply Pranic Healing one to three times a week for as long as necessary.

Can Pranic Healing be applied while on medication? Yes. Pranic Healing is a method of complementary therapy and believes on an integrated approach. An integrated approach means that medical treatment and Pranic Healing can be applied at the same time, as one focuses on treating the physical body, and the other on improving the energy body and the chakras.

But perhaps most important, Pranic Healing can be carried out without having to reveal any potentially embarrassing personal information and there is no need to be face to face. This means that even if you are not present in the venue of scanning, I can scan your aura and chakras and perform Pranic Healing. So relax, get comfortable and relax within your own home. And if you fall asleep? All the better. Pranic Healing does not require you to be in person, nor do you need to be awake. If you prefer and our locations work out we can do this in person or, we can connect through an app like Skype or FaceTime.

Distance Pranic Healing works based on two major principles: 

1) The Principle of Interconnectedness - we are all interconnected energetically, through the earth’s energy field

2) The Principle of Direct-ability - refers to the ability of the healer to direct the energy through thought power

Using these two universal principles of energy, distant healing is applicable.

Factors that can affect the long-term success of the healing: the client’s Karma, receptivity to healing, willingness to change any damaging patterns, and Feng Shui of client’s surroundings. 

Often to become more receptive and prepare for the session, clients will do Meditation on Twin Hearts. Meditation on Twin Hearts follows the prayer of Saint Francis of Assis and is practiced by Pranic Healing practitioners worldwide as a global healing technique which helps heal and harmonize the earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy, and goodwill.

*For further information look up Dr. Hamer, and/or Dr. Alvin DeLeon, GNM, German New Medicine on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the web.


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Super Brain Yoga

"Looks a little bit hokey, but the proof is in the pudding."

Autism, Aspergers, Students, Yale Neurobiologists, anyone can stimulate the energy in their brain. 

3 minutes a day. Give it a try!

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