• Judi Merrill

One Piece of Advice

Our suggested topic for day 5's blog - One Piece of Advice.

To help us get started - ”What is a subject or activity you have a lot of knowledge around? If you were giving your one best tip to someone brand new to that subject or activity, what would you tell them?”

What if we don’t have ‘a lot’ of knowledge in any one thing?

What if we're a jack of all trades, master of none?

And so begins my muse ...

What if instead of sharing knowledge of a subject or activity we prefer to guide others in discovering their own?

What if we want to share in quiet ways?

What if instead of striving for excellence we prefer to relax into it?

What if instead of quick, big and better we want slow, small and simple?

What if we want that in-between space?

What if we aren’t cut out for that frantic at times chaotic paced world we live in?

What if we can’t or don’t want to even begin to keep up?

What if we care more about encouraging others to love and care for themselves than moving ahead?

What if we feed the squirrels, the morning doves, the crows instead of the homeless?

What if we only save the lives of street strays and bees drowning in our pool?

What if we actively strive to provide a suitable home for monarch butterflies, not humans?

What if we mostly hug and affirm and support others in their passions?

What if we're passionate about a beautiful, quiet, and gentle life as opposed to a showy, loud, active one?

I'd tell that person - "Thank you, you help balance our world."

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