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... OH SHIT ... I hit the join button and now I'm committed

I joined Paul Taubman’s Ultimate Blog Challenge which means I’ve committed to the goal of writing 31 posts in 31 days. I’m assured Paul will be providing participants with daily subject ideas and guidance - a huge encouragement to one who has never blogged before.

My part, as a well established introvert I might add, is to provide the 'daily' content and THAT will be … well … I’m not sure just what it will be. Hopefully a success, possibly a failure of sorts, definitely a learning experience.

So far I like the elements of excitement and anticipation. Then there's this curiosity about the process and results. There will be opportunities to learn, to stretch, to overcome, to be vulnerable and brave, to let go of perfection, to network, to have fun. It will be a time to embrace head-on being afraid and the very real possibilities of success and disappointment.

I view this challenge as a treasure trove of opportunities - none the least of which is to be free, to let go of outcomes, and to simply experience this process of blogging.

And then there’s the resistance which has been glaring at me by way of the fact I've left learning how to add a blog page to my website until after I’ve written my first blog, which came after Paul's email of the suggested subject (this challenge) at 12:01 this morning, of which I resisted reading until noon today.

I've been writing, editing, re-writing, learning to add a blog page, then adding and editing it ever since, all day, this January 01, 2020. So much for letting go of perfection [guilty grin].

I hope I did this correctly, this adding a blog page and blog. I've got the feeling part of the automatic setup may have been lost by my choosing to edit the sample instead of creating a new one. We'll see!

Blog 1 of 31 accomplished!

I invite you to follow my progress.

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