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Just Breathe and DO

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Today our Ultimate Blog Challenge is to continue on with the Introduction theme. Paul suggests that we let people know how we got started in our niche, give our readers a small glimpse into our history and why we’re doing what we do.

I’ve always been interested in science, particularly in it’s relation to the medical field. Yet intuitively I’ve always felt uneasy with popping a pill, being given an injection or removing something surgically. Those felt superficial, they seemed to only treat the symptom and not the cause and prevention was hardly ever mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, those treatment plans definitely have their place in emergency care. I’ve just always felt there were better options for non-emergency concerns.

It’s no surprise I ended up in the medical field for more than forty years involved in patient care, medical billing, practice management, and medical practice management software development and training.

I loved the medical field for three reasons:

  1. I’m passionate about folks achieving the health and well-being they deserve and love the science behind it.

  2. I love to learn, teach, share, uplift, and, find alternatives to drugs and surgery.

  3. I enjoy solving puzzles and what better arena to land in than the medical field which fits together pieces of what’s going on health-wise in order to optimize a person’s well-being?

As time went on I became more and more disillusioned with Western medicines’ covering up symptoms and killing dangerous invaders often at the cost of healthy cells and organs. It seemed counter to what the body needs, thus I began studying Pranic Health with Master Co.

Pranic Healing is similar to Reiki but does not involve touching the body. Its subtle energy techniques improve the flow of energy so that the body recovers and maintains physical and emotional well-being. For several years now I volunteer at various events and clinics and also provide in person and distance sessions for people and their pets.

While still working in the medical field and being amazed at the outcomes energy medicine was having on clients, I was also feeling stuck in a job I couldn’t fully support (i.e. allopathic medicine). By chance, I happened upon Con Ciencia Indigena’s offer of a five-week experiential trek through five states in Mexico where you would learn specialized Toltec attention and energy techniques like: stalking, non-doings, acting purposely, the warrior attitude, facing challenges, transcending limits, and more.

Against my family and friend’s better judgement, I signed up and left alone on a journey to reconnect with nature and life as well as check-off a few items on my bucket list (conquer fear of heights; visit ruins, the jungle, a cave; meet one of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers; climb a mountain and more).

On that trip:

  • I met Grandmother Julieta Casimiro, her family, and stayed several days in the family’s home. Grandmother Julieta was one of the 13 International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers and passed on July 23, 2018. I am honored to have met her.

  • I climbed 6,024-foot Leunarre, a sacred mountain in the San Luis Potosi’s Wirrarka area.

  • I went on attention walks in the ruins of Palenque and Yaxchilan, in the jungles of Chiapas and along Agua Azul.

  • I floated down Agua Clara through gentle rapids, swift currents, and beautiful serene untouched wilderness.

  • I overcame my fear of heights and repelled down the side of Misol-Ha’s 115-foot waterfall and explored its cave.

  • I spent four days camping in the open on the desert floor of San Luis Potosi’s Wirrarka zone.

  • I almost made the full climb of 15,354-foot Nevada de Toluca Volcano.

  • In the state of Guerrero, I went on a very special overnight attention walk into one of the largest cave systems in the world following the San Jeronimo Subterranean River one mile deep into the earth and camped overnight on its sandy shore.

While in the depths of the jungle one exercise was to set out and find a tree that you resonated with, sit down with it and commune. After laying bare my hearts concerns, I distinctly heard my tree friends' advise: “Just breathe and do.”

To everyone’s surprise, at what seemed to be the height of my career, my first day back at work I did just that. I took a deep breath, walked into work and quit the craziness of not following my heart and intuition. I quit and began the search for my path with a heart.

Enter NES Health. Through a series of synchronistic events starting with how I came upon Con Ciencia Indigena, I discovered Peter Fraser’s ‘Decoding the Human Body-Field’ and immediately saw how NES Health fulfilled my passion for alternative healthcare and working with both humans and animals from anywhere around the globe.

Always having belief in our body’s healing capabilities I resonated with Peter’s focus: restoring energy and information so that the body can heal itself (as opposed to Western medicine’s focus on alleviating and masking symptoms and killing invaders). I joined the worldwide network of more than 5,000 plus health care practitioners who work in the emerging field of Bioenergetics.

That lead to contact with Caroline Pope from Australia, a fellow NES practitioner. Caroline is also an animal communicator and that fact and meet-up renewed my curiosity and interest in animal communication. I took classes from a communicator, Marta Williams, located in Northern California and watched myself progress through her training exercises. I saw verifiable accuracy in communications go from 69% to 92%. My subsequent participation in this field went from a handful of communications for friends to reading and communication for and being interviewed on talk radio by, Doug Stephan of the show called “Your Hidden Power" (#51 Good Advise From The Trees).

I have found my niche. I help bring to mankind the richness and wonders of bioenergetics and subtle energy medicine (Pranic Healing and QiGong) as a viable alternative for health and well-being not just for people but their animals too. I hope to increase your flow of joy as I honor, nurture, support, inspire, empower, educate, and motivate using NES Health and subtle energy work to Enrich Your Vibe!

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