Imagine! What if...

  • What if there is more to the body than we have been taught?

  • What if there is an energetic component to the body that controls health?

  • What if you could be put back in control of your own healing journey?

For centuries the ancients knew the powerful secret of energy medicine but no one knew how to interact with or provide the information needed to correct the flow of energy. No one could actually pinpoint with any accuracy where distortions leading to ill health and disease in the body were occurring. 

The work of Peter Fraser, the passionate late Australian scientist, researcher, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and educator changed that. The centuries-old theories of energy medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine were finally validated through Peter’s work into the 21st-century healing science of NES Health. 

Through research involving quantum theory, quantum physics, and biophysics Peter created what became the first detailed anatomical map of our energetic body. He named it The Human Body-Field. He discovered it is our human body-field energy that guides and regulates the biochemistry in our cells, tissues, organs and indeed our entire being. 

When we understand and support the frequency information and energy needs of the body–field, the body’s self-repair mechanisms switch on, our body begins to act as its own best doctor healing itself naturally, as it was designed to do. ​


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