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My Fee? A Heartfelt Donation

In 2017 I came in contact with Caroline Pope from Australia. Caroline is an animal communicator and fellow NES Health Practitioner whose clients are both human and animal.

That meet-up led to a renewed curiosity and interest in animal communication. I asked Caroline what got her started. For her it was reading Communicating with Animals - The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals by Arthur Myers, so I went right out and purchased the book. 

The book contained references to other communicators and made several mentions of how everyone has this ability. Wondering if I did, out of curiosity I found Marta Williams in Northern California who offers online training. 

I enrolled and was pleasantly surprised to see as I progressed through Marta’s training exercises, my accuracy in verifiable communications go from 69% to 92%! That lead to doing a few for friends and a communication for, and being interviewed on talk radio by Doug Stephan of the show called ‘Your Hidden Power’ episode #51.

How does it work? 

I obtain the name, age, sex, and picture or description of the animal. Preferably with no other input.

If I’m constantly analyzing and projecting my own thoughts and images I won’t understand ‘their’ viewpoint and I won’t be able to receive and learn from them. So my next step is to empty my thoughts and just hang out with them in my minds eye for awhile. 

Once we're comfortable sharing space with each other I’ll gather my notebook and pencil, sit quietly with my eyes closed, say the animal’s name, send a friendly greeting and introduce myself.

At this point, I jot down any first impressions. Then I make sure it’s ok to go on and invite the animal to come closer and interact as if I’m really there.

It is definitely a fascinating experience and one I greatly appreciate. I know in my heart there is a power in the Universe that is available for everyone who wants to connect.

Through animal communication, I hope to add new dimensions of understanding, while mutual respect, trust, appreciation, and affection grows.

So if you’re interested in animal communication, get in touch! I welcome the opportunity. 


How Leopard Diablo Became Spirit

I’d like to share the incredible story of animal communicator Anna Breitenbach's work with this leopard. This never ceases to amaze me.

The full documentary can be seen here.

Monkey Bathing

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