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Judi worked as a dedicated professional in the medical field for more than forty years for three reasons. 1) She is passionate about folks achieving the health and well-being they deserve. 2) She loves to teach and, more specifically show people alternative ways. 3) She enjoys solving puzzles and what better platform for fitting together puzzle pieces that optimize well-being than in the medical field?

Yet as time went on Judi became more and more disillusioned with Western medicine’s focus on covering up symptoms and killing dangerous invaders often at the cost of healthy cells and organs. Too often she experienced people and pets with chronic health issues only hearing the advice of their medical professional and pharmaceutical companies. Neither ever seemed to touch the root of their health issues. Thus, she began looking at alternative healthcare and energy medicine.

Always a rebel in search of alternatives in 2010 she began studying Pranic Healing with Master Co. Pranic Healing is similar to Reiki but does not involve touching the body. It focuses on techniques to improve the flow of energy so that the body can recover and maintain physical and emotional well-being. Judi volunteers at various events and clinics where she performs Pranic Healing. She also gives in-person and distance healing for people and their animals.  

In 2017 Judi journeyed alone to Mexico for a five-week experiential pilgrimage and vision quest designed to transcend personal limits presented by Con Ciencia Indigena. The workshop involved learning Toltec procedures to direct the course of life towards consciousness, freedom, and the path with a heart. As the group traveled throughout Mexico, the pilgrimage included participating in various indigenous exercises, techniques, and procedures. These included: 

  • Attending ceremony, meeting Grandmother Julieta Casimiro, her family, and staying several days in the family’s home. Grandmother Julieta, one of 13 International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers passed on July 23, 2018.

  • Climbing 6,024-foot Leunarre, a sacred mountain in the San Luis Potosi’s Wirrarka area.

  • Attention walks in the ruins of Palenque and Yaxchilan, in the jungles of Chiapas and along Agua Azul.

  • Floating down Agua Clara through gentle rapids, swift currents, and beautiful serene untouched wilderness. 

  • Repelling down the side of Misol-Ha’s 115-foot waterfall and exploring its cave.

  • Spending four days camping on the desert floor of San Luis Potosi’s Wirrarka zone.

  • Climbing 15,354-foot Nevada de Toluca Volcano.

  • In the state of Guerrero, going on a very special overnight attention walk into one of the largest cave systems in the world following the San Jeronimo Subterranean River one mile deep into the earth and camping on its sandy shore. 

To everyone’s surprise, at the height of her career, Judi left it all behind. Upon returning from Mexico, without hesitation, she quit her job and began the search for the path with a heart. 

Enter NES Health. Through a series of synchronistic events starting with how she came upon Con Ciencia Indigena, she discovered Peter Fraser’s ‘Decoding the Human Body-Field’ and immediately saw how NES Health fulfilled her passion for alternative healthcare and working with both humans and animals from anywhere around the globe.

Always having belief in our body’s healing capabilities Judi resonated with Peter’s focus - restoring energy and information so that the body can heal itself. In 2017 she joined the worldwide network of more than 5,000 plus health care practitioners who work in the emerging field of Bioenergetics.

That led to contact with Caroline Pope from Australia, a fellow NES practitioner as well as an animal communicator. That meet-up renewed Judi's curiosity and interest in animal communication, led her to take classes from a communicator - Marta Williams located in Northern California which allowed her to watch her accuracy progress from 69% to 92%. Her participation in the field went from a handful of communications for friends to reading and communication for and being interviewed on talk radio by Doug Stephan of the show called “Your Hidden Power" (#51 Good Advise From The Trees).

Judi, NES Practitioner, Pranic Healer, and fledgling animal communicator has very much so found her path with a heart. Her desire is to bring to mankind the richness and wonders of bioenergetics and energy medicine as a viable alternative for health and well-being not only for themselves but their animals too. By doing so she hopes to increase the flow of joy as she honors, nurtures, supports, inspires, empowers, educates, and motivates using NES Health and her gifts to Enrich Your Vibe

She is grateful (GREAT-FULL) and gives THANKS to the following special people whose invaluable tools for living significantly impacted and influenced her life, her awareness, and her ability to know, guide, protect and direct all that she is today:


My focus is on bioenergetics,

on The Human Body-Field, 

on the energy and information that powers your body's biology and biochemistry.​


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