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Bioenergetics, NES, Healing, and You

Bioenergetics is the detection, correction, and study of energy in living systems.

From a bioenergetics perspective, all illness starts in the body-field, because all physiological processes that break down do so because of information distortions. Consider an allergic reaction. If you have hay fever, then inhaling certain pollen molecules sets off a chemical chain reaction in your body. You experience the effects of that reaction as a runny nose and watery, itchy eyes. There is nothing inherently wrong with your body chemistry. It is working perfectly, responding to protect your body from the allergen, which it considers to be a foreign substance. What is wrong is the information your body is processing. Your body somehow mistook harmless pollen molecules for harmful invaders, and your immune system mounted a defense. This is a case of mistaken identity - it is an incorrect match made by your body at the level of information that results in a real physical reaction. You can have an allergy shot or take antihistamines to alleviate your symptoms but they may not address the root cause of your problem. The cause is found in your body-field, where information is being blocked or distorted and so is affecting the way your body functions at a cellular level. (Decoding the Human Body-Field page 170)

Our body is made up of a community of 70 trillion cells, all having structured fields; dis-ease within these cells is equivalent to disturbed, distorted, and scrambled information. NES corrective bio information, delivered by the miHealth and Infoceuticals, synergistically corrects this scrambled information and stops distortion, thereby allowing the body's healing mechanisms to right the physiology and chemistry for optimal well-being potential to unfold.

Your NES scan will tell a story you may or may not have heard before. The story will help you to understand why things are going on with you. My job is to help bring awareness so you can work to get rid of what no longer serves you and improve your overall well being. I’m here to share how your energy is affecting your life.

The body is massively intelligent. The body will do the healing work. Our job is to support the body in doing its work through awareness of and making better food and drink choices, staying energetically grounded, moving and hydrating the body, journaling to track subtle shifts and changes, committing to and following your protocol, etc.

Part of any healing process involves detoxing and detoxing will occur, it's process and effects often going unnoticed. Although you may experience a detox reaction by no means is experiencing any symptoms of detox universal. A reaction could range from a mild headache, muscle ache, flu-like symptoms, runny nose, and others, their duration is short lived. These indicate that the body is doing what it is supposed to be doing - responding to an imbalance, moving from being compromised energetically, and hence physically, to becoming functional again. 

The visible physical body responds at a slower rate than that of the energy body. Because of this, you may not experience immediate results/relief, results/relief may lag. The degree of lag time will depend on the degree of damage, the age, the physical condition, the degree of receptivity, the presence of intervening or casual factors which cause the delay or prevent healing from manifesting, and the degree of co-operation. 

Although it might take time to correct a physical ailment, you don’t have to use NES or any natural therapy forever. You use it until you feel better, your symptoms abate, and your functioning as a full and vibrant human being returns.

You will experience the greatest benefits if you commit to a regular program which, depending on how long you’ve been in the state you are in and your current level of well being could extend for months.  

Your protocol indicated by your scan is a powerful tool for returning and maintaining total body wellness because it can provide the needed information to rectify weaknesses, distortions, and blockages while identifying potential problems at the bioenergetic level before they manifest in the body. 

You don’t have to settle for a life of listlessness. You deserve to have abundant energy and live an enriched life full of vibe and vitality, trusting that your body is your best doctor.

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"We (NES Practitioners) must also help our clients reestablish a trusting relationship with their bodies, teaching them to become loving, non-judgmental stewards of their amazing physical form, which is fully capable of managing its own detox processes when it has the energy and information necessary to do so."

Debbie Littrell Ventura


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