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Tell Me About the Scan

The objective of the scan is similar to identifying the weakest links in a chain. The scan identifies those weaknesses, or areas of highest potential for change, and determines which Infoceuticals are required to bring your unique Human Body-Field back to its optimum condition.

During the scan, your body-field and the field generated by the computer program almost instantly become entangled. The software evaluates, correlates, sorts and prioritizes where matches are made between your body-field and the template of body-field structures encoded within the software.

Just as with an EKG or EEG the results are returned graphically via screens and reports, turning what you cannot see or measure with the eye, into something measurable and visual.

It is an informational snapshot of your body-field at this point in time that identifies weak energetic and informational structures in your body-field as well as a host of other vital pieces of information relating to physical as well as mental and emotional processing.

The scan will indicate the sequence (the most optimal way) for correcting areas designated as having the highest potential for change.

This sequence in part is indicated by colors. Sequencing is also indicated in how the scan orders your recommended Infoceuticals.

By sequentially correcting compromised structures, everything within those structures is affected. Thus, is it not necessary as it is in allopathic medicine, to get a reading of every item within a system. Your scan recommendations naturally activate the body’s innate healing and detoxifying abilities in its specific preferred order.

Your scan is a powerful tool for returning and maintaining total body wellness. When dealing with illness or disease it identifies areas where your body-field wants to begin its healing journey and for those of good health, it identifies areas of weakness at the bioenergetic level before they manifest in the body.

A scan can be performed either in person or remotely.

View how a remote scan is done.

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