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What is the Human Body Field (HBF)?

The HBF is a holographical three-dimensional structure and every part of it contains information about the whole of it. There is good evidence not just from NES but from a number of universities throughout the world including UCLA Department of Physiology showing that the body does, in fact, have a field and that that field controls what happens in it.

Thus, the HBF forms the intelligent, self-organizing, energetic structure that acts as a master control mechanism for all body functions including chemical reactions, movement of Qi, emotions, mental abilities, coordination, and so on.

The HBF is dependent on the body’s physical chemistry for its existence. Without chemical reactions, there would be no HBF, and without the HBF, the chemical reactions would be disorganized, in chaos. 

If the HBF is compromised, cellular activity is adversely affected. From a bioenergetics perspective, all illness starts in the HBF, because all physiological processes that break down do so because of information distortions.

In essence, the HBF forms a ‘route map’ for information transfer in the body. It ensures the right information flows to the right place at the right time and in the correct way. In order to maintain health, cells need to know what they should be doing and what their neighbors are doing. Organ functions need to be correctly coordinated along with all other activities in the body. The HBF provides this information and coordination.

Like that of the heart and brain, the HBF is critical for life, it’s activity measurable, its well-being and integrity interpretable.

Analyzing the HBF is not that far of a stretch when you consider medical tests such as an EKG or EEG can detect signals then process those signals through equipment and software which produce a visual output (lines on the EKG tape, etc.). That output can then be interpreted by a physician or technician giving information about the functioning of your heart or brain. In the case of the brain, even our state of awareness can be detected (alert, relaxed, asleep, dreaming, meditative, etc.). Although the state of our brain constantly changes with our thoughts we can still measure those states and learn something about the quality of our awareness.

The HBF also constantly changes recording what happens to you, what you're exposed to (what you eat and drink, your experiences that affect your state of mind and emotions, electromagnetic fields, heat or cold, toxins, and so on) and through the scan, we detect information that reveals information about the HBF’s functional well-being.

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