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What is NES Health (NES)?

NES Health was founded on decades of research, looking into the energy system of the human body, and their research discovered that this energy system ‘the Human Body-Field’ acts as a control system of the physical body. So when this Field changes, the body changes.

NES Health discovered that this Field is the secret to the body's natural ability to heal. This Field is so powerful that, when it is operating correctly, it simply rejects the fields of things like pathogens and toxins the way one positive magnetic field repels another positive magnetic field (remember playing with magnets as a kid?). In other words, the fields just aren’t compatible.

NES is ‘information software’ that directs the body’s ‘energy hardware.’ The imprinted information in the Infoceuticals act as a ‘magnetic signpost’ to direct and realign the Field, correcting the body’s bio information and thereby engaging and optimizing the body’s self-healing abilities.

Of course, no one’s Body-Field is in a perfect state, and some are a long way from perfect. This is why health problems creep into the body. And when this occurs, that is exactly where the NES BioEnergetiX scanning technology comes in. It detects distortions in this Field within seconds and shows how to correct them, so your body can perform at its optimal level and activate its own incredible ability to heal.

NES is information as medicine. This bio-energetic medicine works at a level above the physical body to bring the Human Body-Field closer to its perfect blueprint.

NES Health through Infoceuticals and miHealth protocols, naturally activates the body’s innate healing and detoxifying abilities, in a specific, preferred order. 

NES delivers information to the Field by two different mediums:

  1. The miHealth - assisting with specific energy blockages and rejuvenating the body-field

  2. Infoceuticals - working deeply on the cellular level to holistically correct the many layers of root causes of symptoms.

The body then goes to work on its complex and sophisticated job of physical and emotional repair. The body does the work naturally, after receiving information in the form of instructions from NES therapy.

NES Health is not biochemically based. It’s a natural type of medicine and natural medicine is energetically and informationally based.

From a NES health perspective, we focus not on symptoms and diagnoses but on the Human Body-Field as the underlying energetic ‘control system’ of the body, where all levels of disharmony can be addressed simultaneously.

NES provides a safe and effective method to bring the body’s whole system into balance and health by systematically correcting energy and information.

Although NES Health or any other natural therapy might take time to correct a physical ailment, you use it until you feel better, your symptoms abate, and your functioning as a full enriched and vibrant human being returns.


Your Body Truly is Your Own Best Doctor



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