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When we understand and support the frequency information and energy needs of the body–field the body’s self-repair mechanisms switch on, our body begins to act as its own best doctor healing itself naturally. I invite you to open your heart and mind to the exciting prospects and possibilities NES Health has in store for you.

In a similar way that DNA provides chemical information to the body for functioning The Human Body-Field mapped by NES Health describes the patterns of energy that influence biology. A NES Health BioEnergetiX scan is really quite fascinating. It stands alone in its unique essence and action incorporating biology, Chinese medicine, quantum physics, and technology.

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Allopathic vs Bioenergetics ​

'So for example, there is no cure for Type I Diabetes, but physicians can give the body the insulin it needs and that the cells in the pancreas are not making. NES Health, through bioenergetics, approaches the problem differently. It would ask, why are the cells not doing their job? What information are they lacking that is causing the breakdown in the biochemical processes they are designed to carry out? Can we supply the energy and information to restore or improve that process? The answers to those questions may have little to do with the physical processes of the pancreas at all. Instead, they would likely have to do with the energy and information used by the cells that make up that organ and all the other processes that affect those cells. That information stream may be quite complex and involve other organs and physiological processes that are far removed from the pancreas and its functions. In other words, Bioenergetics looks for the web of interconnected root causes, whereas allopathic medicine, for the most part, looks at observable symptoms. Both approaches serve their  purpose, but they are fundamentally different approaches to healing.'

~Decoding the Human Body-Field, The New Science of Information as Medicine, page 198


"If we are ever to escape from being treated for disease by chemicals that have no place in the body, we must pursue this idea ... that the physical body is informed by a largely quantum structure, the body-field ... and how disease can be induced by various types of damage to this incredibly important body-field structure." 

Peter H. Fraser

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